Is Travelling by Flight Actually Expensive?

Is Travelling by Flight Actually Expensive?

Voyaging by flight is generally expensive regardless of what airlines you choose. In fact, a significant amount of money is spent more on actually getting to a destination by flight than at the destination. So, why is this? I suppose I’m not the only one who’s wondered about this question, but you’d be surprised to …

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How to Build a PC

How to Build a PC?

Alright, you’ve decided that it’s time to get a desktop and you’re not too sure whether you should buy a prebuilt desktop or build your own… Despite all the ‘complexity’ that surrounds building your own PC, it’s actually not that hard! And guess what, it’s cheaper, configurable and best of all – customisable. If you can build IKEA furniture and install software, you’re good to go! So what are you waiting for? Dive in to build your PC.

KARSID's Favourite Airlines

KARSID’s Favourite Airlines

I love travelling, and I guess many others do too. However, there is no destination without a journey and that’s where flights come in. These magnificent machines can stretch you from anywhere in the world, while you enjoy the cool refreshments, spectacular landscapes, vast range of movies and games and finally, wanting to get out to get a breath of the fresh air in a destination to create new memories. All these are components to make your journey comfortable, so now the question is, what airline do you choose? Well, here’s a list of our favourite airlines…

Top 3 Productivity Apps You Should Use

Nowadays, with so much time in our hands, we are left with a choice between learning new skills and being productive or relaxing and procrastinating. The latter is certainly important but too much of it can leave us feeling unsatisfied at the end of the day… To avoid this, I try to use 3 apps to be productive and try to get as much work done as possible. Dive in to find out what they are!

Wait... How Long is the Longest Tennis Match?!

Wait… How Long was the Longest Tennis Match?!

During the 2010 Wimbledon Championship, history unravelled on Court 18 as the American John Isner seeded 23(at that time) faced the French qualifier Nicolas Mahut. Relentlessly, both players were crashing the balls from side to side and within no hours it became the longest match to have been ever played. But after all the effort …

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Easter Island - A World Heritage Site

Easter Island – A World Heritage Site

At a distance of approximately 3,510 km (2,180 mi) away from Chile, is Rapa Nui otherwise known as Easter Islands. Don’t keep your hopes high it’s not an island where you celebrate Easter every day, however, it’s comprised of over 900 statues at the height of 13ft on average and each weighing around 30 tons! …

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Unparalleled Architecture at Gloucestershire Cathedral

Whilst on the topic of Cathedrals, Gloucestershire Church was one of our memorable visits of the recent past. On a fine weekend(actually quite cold and windy), we decided to head over to Cotswolds and happened to discover this Church in the vicinity. From the outside, I was convinced there was something special in there, especially after hearing that scenes from Harry Potter borrowed the architecture of this Cathedral. Once inside, there was no wonder why it was so special. It piled on our collection of favourite Gothic buildings.

St Paul's Cathedral

Christopher Wren, When did you get a break?

Located in the heart of London is yet another iconic touristic location, which is none other than the St. Paul’s Cathedral standing at 111m. It’s another magnificent architecture of Christopher Wren and it won’t disappoint any tourists. With many interesting facts hidden in this Cathedral it becomes a gem of history.  It’s London, of course, …

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