About Us

Our vocation, is to make each and every memory count. Our site is there as our backbone for being able to successfully establish this purpose. The initiation of this website is for us to recall our past; we (Karthik and Sid) are there to assemble those exceptional memories that are truly the most colossal contribution that our parents have awarded us.

This website is for us to dedicate our own thoughts. We can elevate our understanding of unimaginable journeys that we have been to. It has always been our dad’s vision for us to enhance our enjoyment, by keeping records of places we’ve been to; with the help of this domain, we are retained to gain motivation which keeps us enjoyably engaged alongside accomplishing our dad’s vision.

Favourite Books

Books are a part of all our lives. Books, I find, are a great way to illuminate your brain with knowledge. We have genres of interests ranging from action, adventure and comedy to horror, sci-fi and mystery. 

Goodreads is a fantastic website for sharing the world your favourite books and interests in literature. We have put together a small collection of books we’ve read which impressed us.


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