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KARSID is on YouTube!

We have a youtube learning channel with tutorials and videos based on computer science. You can visit it by clicking on the link below. 



Codeblocks is an app that I created at the age of 13. It is a bundled collection of useful tools accompanied with some entertaining games in a stunning user interface.


Do you remember back to when Nokia phones had the classic snake game? Come on… You can’t forget it! I have assembled my own version of the snake game using python programming language. Check it out!



Building an e-commerce website was so exhilerating. I made this website (not published) using html, css and some javascript as a project for the school’s latest work.


Students Plus

I have created an application that allows teachers to edit students information or check them with a standalone program called Students Plus. It has a brief design but is tremendously easy to use. Additionally, all the information is saved and can be viewed through the databse.


My Programming Skills

HTML – Creating awesome websites and pages.

CSS – Designing a website with responsiveness.

Javascript – Website actions and functions.

Java – Creating simple applications. Basic understanding.

Python – My fluent language which I use to create most of my applications. – Simple useful tools and desktop applications.

VBA – For graphs and data representative programming.

MySql – Handling databases and establishing connections.


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